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Hide My Ass! is an Internet Proxy and VPN service that has been in business for about 5 years.  This is impressive, given the fact that in that time frame they have managed to secure a virtual internet presence in over 53 countries.

As their name implies, the original intent of the service was (and still is) essentially to provide anonymous Internet connectivity to the users of its services.

With all the data that companies and websites keep on Internet-connected visitors, “Internet Privacy” is often thought to be a thing of the past.  However, Internet Proxy and VPN services provide a way to hide your Internet address from most prying eyes and would-be hackers.

One of the best services I have discovered is the service offered by the company know as “Hide My Ass!”.



Hide My Ass! (“HMA”, for short) offers both Proxy and VPN services.  Of the two, VPN services offer much more flexibility and advanced connectivity options.VPN Service Definition

A “VPN” is a Virtual Private Network that acts as a gateway between you and your target Internet address.

For example, if you wanted to visit www.wikipedia.org to perform a search on a sensitive topic, and you didn’t want the folks at Wikipedia to know that the search originated from your location, you could use a VPN to make Wikipedia think that the source of the request was coming from a nearby city or even from another country. J

The same privacy construct applies to any site that you visit behind a VPN.

To add a little extra privacy, an anonymous DNS (Domain Name Server) server can be used to hide the fact that you visited Wikipedia at all.  However, this topic goes beyond the scope of this review.VPN Privacy

For Internet Marketers, a VPN service can be a valued—if not required—service.  Many Internet Marketing activities require the creation of different pen names and personas that may wreak havoc with Internet services that rely on a single IP address for user identification.

Many Internet Marketers could not be in business without the use of VPN technology.

The use of VPN technology can definitely aid in the growth and expansion of any online business that requires a “multiple presence” mode of operation.



Hide My Ass – The Good

Hide My Ass provides a wealth of features, some of which I discovered only recently.  The VPN is relatively fast, providing multi-megabits/second (Mbps) connections across many of its geographic locations.A map of the Hide My Ass server locations

  • Provides free web proxies
  • Provides privacy software
  • Provides anonymous email
  • Provides secure file uploads
  • High speed connection throughout numerous geographic areas
  • 24/7 coverage in 53 countries and
  • Easy-to-use client interface
  • Great technical support


Hide My Ass – The Bad

Hide My Ass VPN can be a bit confusing to those new to VPN technology.  However, tutorials on the use of the software are readily available, and the client front-end is fairly self-explanatory.

  • Could pose a steep learning curve for those not familiar with the technology
  • Speed/latency could be an issue if you have a poor Internet connection to begin with


Hide My Ass – The Ugly


There is really nothing negative to report here.  Depending on the quality of your ISP connection, a temporary disconnect in service (wherein, your real IP address will be exposed) is possible.  I have gone for numerous hours without being disconnected, and each disconnection resulted in an immediate re-establishment of service.

  • An interruption in your Internet service could disconnect the VPN service
  • Your real connection IP address is exposed if the service is disconnected (workarounds exist)


RecommendationHide My Ass VPN Service Recommendation

Hide My Ass! VPN receives my highest recommendation for a VPN service.

The client interface is mature and installation is quick and painless.

If you hurry, you can get the VPN service for 24% off before the end of the year.  I just renewed my service to take advantage of the discount.

Even without the discount, the service is well worth it; I have been using the VPN service for over a year, and I intend to continue using it for the year to come!

Enjoy! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Hide My Ass! Review”

  1. Hide my ass is a good VPN, but it’s paid. Why to use a paid vpn when there is a free one available. I am using Hotspot Shield.

    Check HSS here: http://www.hotspotshield.com

    • One of the advantages that Hide My Ass has over other VPNs (including free options) is a large global presence. You have more options in terms of cities/countries in which to establish a VPN presence.

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