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It seems as if everywhere you go, you hear negative news about the economy.  Even good economic news is cast in the greater context of an overall gloomy economic climate.

The constant bombardment of this “gloom and doom” message on the masses by numerous media outlets causes many people to buy into it, even if their own circumstances and environment don’t reflect that reality.  A person can feel nearly powerless to do anything about it!


Well, remember; YOU are a part of the economy.  So, saving YOUR economy is a great step towards strengthening the overall economy no matter where in the world you live.

Perhaps your finances aren’t what they should be or what you want them to be.  ‘Or, perhaps you would love to remove artificial limits that have been placed on your income?  ‘Or, perhaps you’re looking for a new challenge that can be as equally rewarding as it is demanding?  The question then becomes:  How do you make an effective and lasting change in the shortest period of time?

Many current and new Internet entrepreneurs can best answer this question by learning a thing or two from learning guru John Seely Brown.

A “learning guru”, you ask? 🙂  Yes, it’s hard to imagine such a person exists in a the action-oriented world of business.  However, Mr. Brown has some keen insights on how business and entrepreneurs can learn economy-boosting practices from one of the most unlikely of places:  the World of Warcraft game franchise.

In this video, John Seely Brown boldly states that he would rather hire a high-level World of Warcraft player than an MBA from Harvard.

He bases this statement on the social practices that drive the most successful and dedicated players:

  • Collaboration
  • Passion/Interest
  • Idea Creation



World of Warcraft players form guilds (groups) of numerous players to target specific objectives.  This collaborative effort is often times the only way to move forward to advance your status or position in the game.

Internet Marketers need to collaborate on new ideas, joint ventures, and a host of other topics in order to advance in the industry.  You will always be either moving forward or moving backward–rarely maintaining a “status-quo”.


World of Warcraft players have great passion for their game!  Sessions can extend through the evening and well into the wee hours of the morning.  Failure is seen as only a temporary setback; a constant re-evaluation of their collaborative efforts maintains an intense, passionate interest in the outcome.

John Brown explains that there is no “bonus” or external incentive (something that you would find in the corporate world) that moves the players forward.  The players are bound to the game solely by their passion and interest.

In Internet Marketing, those who follow their passion often reap the greatest of rewards–including monetary rewards.  They are the ones who see failures as only temporary setbacks that allow them to tweak their methods and strategies towards a better outcome.

Idea Creation

John Brown states that on any given night, as many as 15,000 new strategic ideas are created in the World of Warcraft world.  The environment is a constant battleground of learning new ideas, testing those ideas, making modifications, and testing again and again…until victory is achieved and the next goal is addressed.

It is a meritocracy-based system, where each person’s performance is measured using their own self-created metrics (values).  Each member of a group can also have their performance critiqued by the other members of the group, using a replay of the actual game experience.

This translates quite well to the idea creation efforts of a collaborative group of Internet Marketers.  Almost every aspect of a venture can be tracked using a variety of tools.  Each person can see their performance within the group dynamic and adjust as they and the group deem necessary for success.


A good Internet Marketing example that entails the above 3 social practices is “Product Creation”.

Product creation involves developing an idea based on your passion/interest in a particular niche and using a variety of collaborative efforts to bring the product to market.

The collaboration can come through the relationships you build with other marketers, your viewership (list, fans, etc.), and even those who assist with the mechanics of the effort (outsourcers, contractors, etc.).

As long as the passion exists to perform the necessary learning or research, the generation of ideas should not be a problem.

It goes without saying that all 3 of the above social practices must be complimented with action.  However, taking a bit of time to “sharpen the saw” with learning that is focused on the end result (not the tactics employed to get there) will go a long way toward getting you to your desired level of success in the shortest possible time.

Remember, it’s up to YOU to SAVE YOUR ECONOMY!


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