Network Marketing Revisited

While Internet Marketing takes a takes a more “virtual” approach in its interaction with clients and customers, Network Marketing takes a more personal approach.

Network Marketing works best through personal contact and personal recommendations (“word of mouth”).  Even so, network marketing efforts can significantly benefit by using some of the principles taught in Internet Marketing.

Social media campaigns and email campaigns are among the top methods of Internet Marketing advertising.  Video marketing has quickly caught on as a means of getting the message out to the masses as well.

Network Marketing Tools

Using the tools that Internet Marketers use, Network Marketers can greatly multiply their efforts! 🙂

Since Network Marketing takes a more personal approach to interaction, much of success in Network Marketing depends on your state of mind.  People respond more favorably to those who have a positive state of mind.  Your mindset will definitely determine your level of success.Success mindset

Here’s a video I came across by Bob Proctor.  In the video, he discusses the subconscious mind and how to program it.  Though you may be practical thinker that is firmly based in “reality”, you must acknowledge that much of “reality” exists entirely in your mind; your reality is a mere reflection of how you perceive the world around you.  If you change your perception, you change your reality.


People are attracted to the success stories, and people are attracted to other people that are successful.

Network Marketing Mindset

By maintaining a mindset of “success”, you will definitely attract people who will want to listen to what you have to say or write or do.  They will seek to emulate you and draw upon your success by association. 🙂

Those who are called “leaders” in network marketing are called that–in part–because of their ability to inspire others to take action.

Success in Network Marketing means making yourself a leader of sorts, even if you don’t feel that you have traditional leadership skills.

In order to expand your reach, you sometimes have to get out of your comfort zone.  Pushing yourself beyond your normal boundaries is where you will find success in Network Marketing or any other endeavor.

Enjoy 🙂


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  1. janet lantz says:

    I really enjoyed this.It really makes me think that this what i really feel when i am trying to get people to listen to me,when i am tryingto get them to jon my business.


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