From time to time, one thing we can all use a little bit more of is motivation.  Motivation can come from within, or it can come from an outside catalyst.  The decision to act on that motivation is always left up to us.

It all can be a daunting task that requires a tremendous amount of mental and physical energy!

For those of us who work full time jobs (with the “occasional” evening and weekend work), finding the motivation to pursue Internet Marketing activities can be a difficult task.  The demands of the job, the needs of our significant others, and our own desire for private time (not to mention sleep) are competing for the few hours that we have before we begin another day at work.

Every now and then, we must remind ourselves of why we are putting ourselves through the rigors of learning and implementing Internet Marketing tools, processes, and strategies.  As long as we reconnect with our end goal–where and when we would like to see ourselves enjoying our “perfect day”–we can usually find the strength to endure the journey that comes with it.

It doesn’t matter if 100 people are with you, 10 people without, or only 1 person is on your side; YOU know what it is that you desire, and you know what it takes to get there.

So, focus and give your precious time to those who share your vision…or at least try not to stand in the way of it.  If you’re bombarded by naysayers and doubters, then “silence” may not only be golden–it may also be the source of motivation that you need to continue on your journey.

Seek to remove yourself from the sphere of those whose influence would slow you down or hold you back.  Embrace those who motivate you and serve as catalysts for you to reach your goals.

It’s a great thing to have a great coach or great mentor; the knowledge, inspiration, and motivation you get can be priceless.  However, if we fail to act on that motivation, then we are wasting their time and ours.

Need some help?  By all means, don’t waste time; find a coach or mentor that you can work with!  What you put in will be easily eclipsed by what you get out of the experience. 🙂

Let me leave you with a short motivational video that’s been around for a while, but still drives home the point!


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