Maintaining a Positive Mindset Despite Disappointment

Dealing with the shenanigans of some marketers can be a challenge to anyone’s mindset! In fact, I was working with one marketer on an e-book about personal growth and personal development. Much of the personal growth and personal development content revolves around ethics and marketing and how to provide value to people and help them first.

Little did I know, the marketer that I was dealing with was perhaps not the most “reliable” person to assist me with the development of this e-book. I say “reliable” in order not to be seen as calling this person unethical. ๐Ÿ™‚

A Mindset of Trust

The entire saga started in late December. It was agreed upon that an e-book would be developed in the topic of personal growth or personal development. Though there was a slight delay during the first week, the second week seem to
ย pick up the tempo as messages were exchanged and tasks were assigned. From there, it all seemed to go downhill.

A Mindset of Trust


The work that I was waiting on from this of the marketer was taking much longer than expected. In fact, I kept getting promise at the promise of delivery. First I was promised some output in two weeks. Then I was promised output and only one week. Both deadlines were missed.

It only got worse. Nearly a month had passed before I was contacted again. This is despite mind maintaining communication and contact throughout the entire process almost every other day!

Communication seem to come from the other marketer only once a month. Of course, I had paid this other marketer a tidy sum for the their part of the work to be done. So, the situation was not in my favor from a financial or from a time perspective.

The Other Person’s Mindset

Throughout the entire ordeal, I kept wondering what was going on in the mind of this marketer. The reputation of his marketer that preceded my interaction with them was fairly decent. I have heard from other marketer is that I’m close to that this marketer was someone that could be trusted.

This marketer’s products were also showcased by a webinar host who specializes in joint ventures. Why would someone want to throw away such a great reputation?

Throw away reputation

It was quite obvious that there was more going on behind the scenes than was privy to. I even tried to reach out to his marketer to let them know that I could be quite accommodating an understanding if this was the case. Unfortunately, the only response in the beginning was “it will be ready next Tuesday”. After a few these “next Tuesday’s” passed, the only response I got was silence.

How the Other Person’s Mindset Affects You

Together in TrustSince I had allowed my faith in the reputation of this marketer to cloud my business judgment, the official deadline for requesting a refund had passed. So now, I’m relying on the good nature of the same marketer to honor a refund! This is not a good position to be in. ๐Ÿ™‚

Disappointments, such as the scenario I described above, can weigh heavily on the mindset of someone who is trying to establish themselves in a new endeavor. If you cannot rely on someone with a proven history of reliability, you start to wonder what success can you possibly have?

When you’ve done all that you can do on your end, and the person on the other in has reached a standstill or refuses to help, all that you can do is move forward on your own. To that end, I will continue to move forward on my own with the e-book, although it will take slightly more time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Shall She Remain Nameless?

At this point, I could either name the marketer that I’ve been talking about or I can let their identity remain a secret. I have no problem “naming names”, but I know that some other people do have a problem with it– particularly the people whose names are being named!

So, if you would like to know who this marketer is (just in case you would like to avoid this marketer in the future), let me know in the comments and I will respond with the marketer’s name.Unknown Identity

After more than three months of waiting for them to hold up their end of the deal, I feel that I have been more than fair and accommodating of any type of circumstance that they might be going through. At some point, you just have to wonder if you’ve been cheated. Indeed, ethical marketers are a rare breed.


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