First Things First

“First things first.”

When considering the myriad topics that I can write about for my first blog, the one that comes to mind most often is the nebulous concept known as “mindset”.  A “mindset” can be defined as the set of ideas and attitudes that we use when we approach a situation.  A mindset is often thought of as being something difficult to change—almost immutable.  However, with focused attention and practice, any mindset can be altered to accommodate a new intention or new purpose in life.  So, how does this relate to the online business world, Internet Marketing, and entrepreneurship in general?

Some would consider the mindset to be the all-determining factor in a person’s long-term success (or failure) in any given endeavor.  Since the mindset takes into a person’s basic assumptions about a given situation, it would seem that the mindset is the very foundation from which we construct the reality around us.  Given this level of importance, developing the proper mindset for an entrepreneurial engagement is just as important as all the technical and physical components that go into making the venture a success.

So, what goes into establishing the proper mindset for Internet entrepreneurship?  There are many books out on the subject.  Each book has their particular approach to teaching a “proper” mindset for a specific theme—a proper mindset for Internet Marketing; a proper mindset for mom’s; a proper mindset for life, the universe, and everything. 🙂  Some of this information requires a stretch in the mind (belief) and imagination (creativity), but this is necessary for growth.

We all know that exposure to new ideas and new information tends to expand our minds as individuals.  However, what we do with our exposure to new ideas and new information is a reflection of our mindset.  Do we have a “productive” mindset that takes new ideas and new information and attempts to act on the best of them?  ‘Or, do we have a “passive” mindset that tends to observe new ideas and new information without taking any action (or sometimes having any inclination) to follow up on them?

Labeling a mindset as “positive” or “negative” may not be the best way to characterize a specific individual’s disposition—especially if it relates only to his/her environment; a mode of thought that I may find to be irrational, chaotic, or unproductive may be the appropriate mindset if I found myself in a similar environment.  We have to gain “the other” person’s perspective to truly understand the logic behind his/her mindset.

We may have a successful mindset for engaging in battle, for rearing a child, or for establishing yourself as a successful Internet Marketer.  That success is determined by the achievement or non-achievement of our goal in each case.  However, whether or not that goal or our specific intent is a “positive” or “negative” thing is a subjective matter.  Terrible people can have incredibly focused and productive mindsets that allow them to achieve “great” (infamous) things, just as great people can have poor mindsets that allow them to achieve only mediocre results.

Remember, it’s all relative. 🙂  Having the proper mindset for your specific purpose is like winning half the battle.  The action you take is the other half.

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2 Responses to “First Things First”

  1. Hi Wilton

    Great topic to tackle! Agree totally that mindset is the pre-requisite for achieving any success in life. As you hint at, easier said that done. We willingly expose ourselves to information that promises to ‘change’ our mindset, ‘think more positively’ etc, it is another matter altogether to hold on to those changes.

    For most of us fear starts to bubble up when we consider actually making those changes. Road blocks in our project occur, Iimiting beliefs rear their ugly heads, we wobble and give in to that ‘feeling’ that we are OK where we’re at, no need to change.

    Looking forward to more debate with you here! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for commenting Beryl! I look forward to sharing more in the future.

      “Mindset” is one of those elements of success that we can always continue to develop. 🙂

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