“Entrepreneurship” – I Approve This Message!

Here in the United States of America, we are hot off the heels of another slightly dysfunctional election cycle, I am often left wondering about the overall message of the contest–not the message from the candidates but the message the American people were sending to the candidates.

Though the mindset of each individual can vary greatly, there was a common theme throughout the election process…a persistent question that was asked that struck me as odd….

I have often heard it expressed that Americans are “rugged individualists” who crave their freedoms and lack of government dependence.  However, the most prominent question I heard during the election cycle was people asking “What will you do to help me find a job and ‘fix’ the economy?“.

The very basis of this question implies that the individual needs help, the economy needs help, and the president is on the hook for delivering that help.

This question contradicts the pursuit of “rugged individualism” that is professed by so many.

Let’s start with the first part of that question:

“What Will You Do To Help Me Find A Job?”

When we elect a president, we elect a “president”; not a king, dictator or Messianic “chosen one” as some put it.  He is a person who fulfills a role in government that is vital to the continuity of our nation:  leadership.

The president is not a recruiter!  He is also not your personal cheerleader or life coach.  It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of their own financial affairs…or not.  Why would you want a government figure to do this for you?

Now let’s look at the second part of the question:

“What Will You Do To Fix The Economy?”

We are all involved in the “fix”.  We spent decades of getting ourselves in a financially uncomfortable position (and internationally, we are not alone), and it will take time and “we” to get ourselves out of it.

The best foundation is to build from the bottom up, so we should start with the people; not with the president.  What are you doing to fix your economy?

Are you investing your time and energy into improving your knowledge, maintaining and enhancing your skills, and positioning yourself to benefit from increasing economic globalization as opposed to being at the mercy of it?

We need to start with what we have the most control over:  ourselves.

Since you are part of the economy, you are also part of the solution!

Entrepreneurs tend to seek out opportunities as opposed to waiting for them to land in their laps.  It is possible for you to create your own economy by developing and enacting entrepreneurial pursuits.

This doesn’t mean betting the farm on one make-or-break endeavor.  It means applying a proven strategy across a specific business pursuit in a fashion that limits the impact of potential loss.  It’s like trading in the financial markets; the first question you ask is “how much can I lose?”, with the exception being that you can have a higher probability of success with the right focus and right mentor.  (‘And yes, getting a mentor will help you considerably.)

Your primary goal is to “get your house in order” by creating an economy that you have more control over.  Doing this will help improve the overall economy as you begin to make more of a positive contribution.

Entrepreneurship is a powerful means for gaining more control of your present and future.  However, you must ensure that you have developed the appropriate mindset to make the journey viable and worthwhile.  This means making an investment in controlling how you “think” and approach entrepreneurial pursuits.

There have been extremes of emotion expressed at the re-election of our current President.  The emotion, and energy from that emotion, can be very positive and beneficial or it can be negative and wasteful.

I would ask the following question:  Does any person in the Oval Office make YOU a better or worse person?  Does any person in the Oval Office make you a better entrepreneur?

The answer is “no”.  It is only you.  That  is where your focus should be.

Enjoy!  🙂

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