Double-Dipping: Managing Your Job and Your Business

Do you find yourself in pursuit of the “Internet Lifestyle”?  Are you trying desperately to become an “Online Entrepreneur”?

For many, these endeavors often brush up against the harsh reality of walking in to a “9-to-5” job during the week.  It becomes even more challenging when your “9-to-5” job involves evening hours and some weekends!  The “9-to-5” becomes more like the 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

So, how do you manage a business pursuit while maintaining the “day job” that keeps the bills paid?

The first thought is:  “time management”.  True.  However, there is very little time to manage during the time we aren’t working for a living….


The theory goes like this:

  • Work your day job
  • Spend an hour or two catching up on your personal life (home, spouse, kids, etc.)
  • Spend the next few hours working on your business endeavor


The Grind

Depending on what industry you’re in, your job can be mentally draining, physically draining, or both!  Since the last recession (and there always seems to be one), people have been asked to do more work with less time.

When the recession is over, companies aren’t normally in a hurry to right the balance; if they can continue on the path of getting the work of 2 or 3 people out of 1 person, they will do it!  The bottom line of any company or corporation is to make a profit.  Most companies only give lip-service to notions such as “work-life balance”.

The Life

So, you return from work and you’re exhausted.  However, you have other commitments that may need your attention:  a spouse, children, pets, a “significant other”.  Just because the work day ends, it doesn’t mean that your work is over.  After tending to all the life commitments at home, is there any time left to tend to yourself?

The Business

If you want to build any momentum in your business pursuits, you have to pursue the effort with consistency.  You have to do “something” to move your business forward each day!

So, after the work day is over and you’ve tended to your personal life (or not), you may be approaching the late evening or “wee hours” as the time to start devoting to business.  If you’re a night owl, then great; you can begin your work at a comfortable time with whatever energy you have left. 🙂

If you’re starting to feel your eyelids getting heavy, then this is where the true challenge comes in.  Burning the candle at both ends is not easy.

Stay motivated!

If you’re motivated, you can stave off the fatigue long enough to get some business work done.  That motivation could be a strong desire to change your work/life situation.  It can come from within, or it can come from external stimulus.  One thing is for certain:  all the motivation in the world will not help you if your priorities aren’t in order!

Priorities aren’t just intentions; they are actions.

What are you doing right now?  You’re reading this article and hopefully getting some value out of it!  What will you do when you finish?  Read more?  Surf the web?  Watch TV?

Whatever you are “doing” is something you’re making a priority.  It is a conscious or unconscious decision you make by embracing an activity that is more important to you than something else at that time.

You could just as easily spend that time working on your business, especially if you’re passionate about that business.  Where our passions lie, our actions will follow.  Perhaps we need to prioritize our passions? 🙂

Managing your job and your business is more than just a matter of time management.  It’s a focused mindset that places the utmost priority on the two most time-consuming endeavors in your life.

Yes, the word “mindset” may be too often used.  However, it is one of the best words to describe the force that guides your actions.

Passion” is another word that is often used.  However, it is one of the best words to describe what you most value.  “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Having the appropriate mindset to pursue your passion will enable you to overcome just about any obstacle that you will face–including the demands of working a full-time job while building a business.

Enjoy! 😉




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